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Khorafi Plastic Industries Company was established in 1975 in East Ahmadi industrial area it is in block six area 35, 36 and 37 and covers a total area of about 3000 m² Khorafi plastic industries company has become one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC)pipes and fittings in Kuwait market.

At the peak the time of its business in 1990 unfortunately it was completely destroyed and all its machinery was taken away and structure was razed to the ground due to invasion.

After the liberation we started as a small unit but after about 25 years of total efforts and spirited determination once again we are a full-fledged manufacturing industry supplying to the oil industry ministry of public authority communication ministry of electricity and water, general construction projects Routes projects housing Project etc.

The company belongs to the Khorafi family and headed by Mr. Abdulla Bader Al Khorafi and Mr. Yousef Bader Al Khorafi along with family partners.

At present it has about 100 employees, more than 50 machines, it owns a delivery fleet of about 30 vehicles including half lorries, trucks and mini buses.It mainly supplies to the domestic market and general contractors currently about 300+ shops distribute our products all over Kuwait.

Along with manufacturing we also import UPVC,CPVC,PPR pipes and fittings, galvanized pipes and fittings, adhesive and accessories and latest sanitary fittings to distribute them in the Kuwait market. Our products are well accepted and approved by many major companies in Kuwait.

We consider our customers as valuable assets, partners in progress and keep good relationship with them,we deliver goods to the destination with all possible care and best of services to the satisfaction of one and all.

Khorafi plastic industries company UPVC/PVC/PVC pipes are manufactured using extrusion process, fittings are manufactured using injection modeling machines . UPVC/ PVC/ pipes for portable water correspondence to DIN 19532 DIN 19534 DIN 8061 DIN 8062 DIN 8063 and also incorporated with ISO Standards.

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